Blue Ocean Capital Group and Nasdaq Reached Strategic Cooperation Intentions

By July 12, 2018News

On July 12th, 2018, Blue Ocean Capital Group accepted the sincere invitation by Robert H. McCooey, Senior Vice President of Nasdaq, to visit the Nasdaq MarketSite located in Times Square, New York City. The two companies will cooperate to assist entrepreneurs and business owners around the world to better navigate the global capital market.

The Blue Ocean Capital Group Team

Antony Liu (R), President & CEO of Blue Ocean Capital and Robert H. McCooey (L),Senior Vice President of Nasdaq

Mr. Antony Liu, President & CEO of Blue Ocean Capital Group, and Robert H. McCooey, Senior Vice President of Nasdaq, had a productive conversation and reached preliminary agreements for strategic cooperation in the future.

Nadia Tian (R), Chief Strategy Officer of Blue Ocean Capital and Robert H. McCooey (L), Senior Vice President of Nasdaq

Nasdaq is the world’s first electronic securities trading market. It leverages Electronic Trading Systems (ECNs) to deliver comprehensive quotes of more than 3,000 securities to dealers around the world. Several well-known Chinese companies, such as Sina, NetEase, and Baidu, are listed on Nasdaq.

As global high-net-worth investors grow in number, the demand for asset globalization is dramatically increasing. These investors have large appetites for multi-dimensional investments and are eyeing the rising number of investment projects in the United States. However, the uneven quality of several US investment projects has been a major issue. Additionally, the time difference between the US and China means that Chinese investors receive delayed information about US stock market developments. Coupled with rising bubbles in the financial industry, this makes it more difficult for investors to take a lead in the market. In this context, Blue Ocean Capital Group, with its focus on cross-border investment, is committed to working with Nasdaq to help businesses increase their global reach and international influence.