Blue Ocean Capital Group Celebrates Grand Opening Ceremony In New York, Winning Six Star Diamond Award Right After President Donald Trump

By June 27, 2018News

New York, June. 26, 2018 — Blue Ocean Group, a cross-border investment firm based in New York City, officially launched the opening ceremony at the Harvard Club of NYC today.

The ceremony was attended by the Assistant Speaker of the New York State Assembly, Felix W.Ortiz, the Senior Vice President of NASDAQ OMX, Bob McCooey, the Chairman of AAHS, the Business Partner of the President Trump’s family, Joseph D.Cinque, the President and Executive Chairman of the Foundation for the Support of the United Nations – UN Office (FSUN-UNO), Janet Salazar, together with a crowd of more than 100 distinguished guests including Wall Street financial elite, UN officials, national ambassadors and politicians.

The opening ceremony of Blue Ocean Capital at Harvard Club NYC

Antony Liu, the President & CEO of Blue Ocean Group, with Lina Li, the President & CFO of the company, expressed the company’s expectations on the opening ceremony speech, announced that the company will be supported by modern financial management technology, such as blockchain applications in all fields, to develop various peripheral projects, which including but not limited to financial technology, private equity investment, high-end private investment clubs, and chain restaurants.

“Blue Ocean Group has prospered by building compelling services that attract industry players, the remarkable blockchain fund management platform is a major breakthrough in fund management, which will not only reshape the investment industry, but uses blockchain as a technology to support fund subscription and management, bringing great benefits and value to industry players,” said Antony Liu.

The Business Partner of President Trump’s family, Joseph D.Cinque, is granting "Six Star Diamond Award" to Blue Ocean Capital

On the ceremony, Blue Ocean Group was awarded the Most Innovative Enterprise Award by the Assistant Speaker of the New York State Assembly, Felix W.Ortiz, and the Six Star Diamond Award by the Business Partner of the President Trump’s family, Joseph D.Cinque. The Six Star Diamond Award granted by The American Academy of Hospitality Sciences (AAHS) is a most coveted accolade. The award certifies the high quality and services of a diverse range of establishments including hotels, restaurants, airlines and so forth. US President Donald Trump was awarded the Six Star Diamond Award in the most recent presentation.

The cooperation agreement signing ceremony between the President of the FSUN-UNO, Janet Salazarthe, with the presidents of Blue Ocean Capital - Antony Liu and Lina Li.

The climax of the ceremony is the grand signing ceremony between the United Nations Support Foundation and Blue Ocean Group,which can be highly marked as a major milestone of Blue Ocean Group in Global Impact Investment. Through the cooperation, both parties will jointly develop fund management projects, positively increase Global Impact Investing, and actively participate in International Economic Development. Blue Ocean Group will continuously support the UN’s major projects through resource integration in various fields to achieve UN’s Sustainable Development Goals.

“The capital market functions as a powerful booster for entrepreneurs. Nasdaq will conduct capital investment more accurately through cooperation with Blue Ocean Group, to help more entrepreneurs with IPO financing and continuously expand the scale of the business,” said Nasdaq Senior Vice President Bob McCooey, “I firmly believe that the establishment of Blue Ocean Group will give a fresh impetus to the development of trade cooperation between China and the United States.

About Blue Ocean Group: Blue Ocean Group is a cross-border investment firm dedicated to actively pursuing investment opportunities in Blockchain Applications, Healthcare, Franchise Restaurants, and Real Estate. Further information is available at .

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