Asia Pacific Heritage Month Was Celebrated at New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio’s Gracie Mansion

By May 10, 2018Quick News

May 10,2018

New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio held the “Asia Pacific Heritage Month Celebration ” at the Mayor’s Gracie Mansion today, with hundreds of Asians in attendance. Blue Ocean Capital President & CEO, Antony Liu, and Chief Strategy Officer, Nadia Tian were invited to attend.

Bill de Blasio presented a speech about the growing Asian population in New York City, even stating that the Asian population has surpassed the total population of San Francisco and Los Angeles put together. “Everyone works hard in their respective positions here and have made a great contribution to the development of New York City.” He also pointed out that celebrating Asia Pacific Heritage Month represents the great appreciation New York City has for the growing Asian population, and attaches great importance to Asian’s cultural and traditions, hoping that every immigrant should be proud of his or her own cultural heritage.

City Council members, Yaming Gu, and Qianwen Chen indicated that Asians have an increasing population in the United States and have made great contributions to the society in recent years. They encouraged Asian descendants to actively participate in politics and make their voices heard.