Our Team

Antony Liu

Chief Executive Officer - CEO
Honorary Vice Chairman of Foundation for the Support of the United Nations

Antony is an experienced investment banker and philanthropist. He is the founder of CEIF. He has over 20 years’ experience in managing global companies and conducting cross-border M&A deals. He manages a top-tier Blockchain development team and is an influencer in the industry. He now serves as the President and CEO of Blue Ocean Capital Group, Honorary Vice Chairman of Foundation for the Support of the United Nations.

Ken Yeung

Chief Strategy Officer - CSO
CEO of New Silver Capital

Ken Yeung has over 25 years of investing experience in international trade, business development, commercial real estate, sports, entertainment, and gaming casino. Mr. Yeung has built strong relationships with investment institutions, private equity firms, family offices, state-owned enterprises, developers, trust, and insurance companies. In addition, he sits on multiple successful business boards, such as Proline US LLC, Ontime Staffing, and Y-Key Group Inc. He has successfully built the collaboration between Weisman Group and XLD Group, to achieve the sale of HP Eleven Hotel in Los Angeles at $1.4 Billion Dollars.

Michael A. Berman

Legal Counsel

Since graduating from Philadelphia’s Temple University Law School in 1991, Mr. Berman has been an attorney in private practice. Clients and colleagues describe him as disciplined, efficient, and effective. He prides himself on his ability to knowledgeably counsel clients in many areas, and over the years he has tackled tough issues in securities law, white collar crime, business law and estate planning. In addition to advancing his individual client’s needs, Mr. Berman has also contributed as counsel to several international business concerns like the All England Club (Wimbledon), BQI Mining, and Payoneer, as well as hundreds of small business owners. A lawyer who has helped many start-ups flourish, Mr. Berman has acquired core competency in many necessary areas including organizational design, management agreements, finance requirements, communication and technology infrastructure, vendor contracts, and litigation support. As a result, in addition to his legal career, Michael serves on several advisory boards and boards of directors. He is also deeply committed to serving the needs of individuals with Fragile X, the only known inherited form of autism, and is dedicated to helping raise awareness, find therapies and fund research solutions for them.

Lydia Hu

Director of Business Development

With ample experience in cross-border business development, marketing and branding, Lydia was the founder of a marketing consultant agency in New York dedicated in bringing businesses across seas to land in fresh soils. Lydia value deeply in impact investments and the application of blockchain technology. She had a master’s in finance from Johns Hopkins University and now the Business Development Manager at Blue Ocean Capital.

Kevin Wu

Business Development Manager

Kevin has more than 10 years experience in marketing and organizational management. He has connections and resources in China, South-East Asia, South America, and the U.S. He now serves as the Business Development Manager of US Blue Ocean Capital.

Leacroft Gordon

Real Estate Advisor, Licensed Broker

Mr. Leacroft Gordon is a real estate investor and founder of Leacroft Realty Group Inc. (LRG).  Mr.  Gordon is based in New York City but  he represents property owners, investors, developers, joint ventures and home buyers all over the country. He has a long record guiding local, multi-national and international clients with their residential and commercial real estate acquisition, sales, lease obligations, asset reproductions and dispositions.  He specializes in applying his expertise and market knowledge to broker commercial offices, retail, developments and multifamily properties consistently exceeding the investment goals of his clients.

D. Donald Berman

CPA, MBA, CGMA - Advisor

As a visionary leader with excellent knowledge of business accounting and strategic tax planning, Mr. Berman received multiple commendations from his former employer, the United States Internal Revenue Service, during his 40 years of service. He has been a member of the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants for more than 50 years and was instrumental in the development of the Chartered Global Management Accountant (CGMA) designation guidelines which distinguishes those accounting professionals who have achieved advanced proficiency in finance, operations, strategy and management. Always valuing education, Mr. Berman earned his Masters In Business Administration and has contributed to the higher education of others as an adjunct university professor lecturing on subjects like Economics, Accounting, and Finance. He brings not only a wealth of knowledge gathered over his decades-long experiences, but also the ability to apply interdisciplinary solutions which ensure all operations are held to the highest standards of compliance and efficiency.